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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Making music on your I-Phone

A staple on the chip scene for many years - Nanoloop the creation of Nintendo Gameboy programmer Oliver Wittchow has now become avaliable on the I-Phone.

Nanoloop is a sound editing and sequencer application by Oliver Wittchow released in 1998 for the Gboy, allowing the user to create sequences that can be played on the device without a need for external hardware devices.

I have myself been a fan of chiptune for a long time and even run a monthly chiptune night in Ireland (Probably the only monthly chip night in the world... it's that niche).

I will be writing up a tutorial for nanoloop & also for lsdj in a forthcoming blog.
But for now check out this wonder.
Do you have kids on the bus / train / on the way to work annoying you with Akon played through there crappy tinny phone speakers?

Now you can fight back with loops that NEVER END.

The synth is the same old awesome piece of kit as it was with the Dmg gameboy but with some twists.

Available synthesis types are:

- rectangular wave with filter
- FM
- LFSR noise generator

Rectangular wave and LFSR sound similar to the Game Boy's and other console's soundchips but offer more fine control and additional effects (lfo / envelope for pulse width or filter, simple phaser for noise).
The FM synth is the simple type with two sine wave oscillators, with fixed base frequency and variable modulator frequency. An envelope / LFO can be applied to modulation amplitude or frequency. For a sweeping spatial effect, the modulator can be slightly detuned, with inverted phase for left/right.
Each synth channel is two-voice polyphonic and a stereo effect can be applied.

If your lucky enough to own an I-phone i suggest you make your way here. 


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