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Saturday, February 27, 2010

How to write lyrics for your tracks (A few tips)

Sometimes vocals on tracks can sound awfull, Painfull and laboured.
(Listen to anything by Eric Prydz or Avril Lavigne).

Here is a few tips for you to write lyrics. Hopefully it will stop you writing a big lump of Simon Cowell dustbin pop with a kickdrum over the top.

1. Select your topic. It can be anything you want such as a breakup, a current relationship, a bad day, angry, stuff or how much you like weed.

You can write whatever pops into your head but try to be original.
Remember, it doesn't have to always be depressing. It could be some rhyme about an island in the tropical sea or you could "dirty" it up.

2. Choose a melody. Sometimes its better to write your tune first then decide if it actually needs lyrics.

3. Write at least five verses (and you don't have to use all of them) and a chorus (or two). Those are the most important parts of the song along with the melody and are the easiest to write. The verses normally have the same melody and so does the chorus. When you get the basic stuff down you can start messing with it after.

4. Write the middle eight. This is one of the hardest things to write. It usually has a different melody than the rest of the song and is usually short. It should be cool.. always cool.

5. Write the last two verses. These are normally the hardest to write, and even the most experienced song writers have run out of inspriation by then. If you're getting stuck, write down a couple of ideas and then see what you can make out of them... Remember also, You don't always have to rhyme.

6. Record you or a friend singing your song, Your friend may be better.

7. Play your track to a few mates that will give you an honest opinion of your writing.

8. Record it!

If you want some tips on recording your vocal you can check out my earlier blog on choosing a mike and microphone placement here.

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