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Monday, June 6, 2011

Cytomic presents "The Drop" resonance filter plug in

Cytomic have announced another VST called: "The Drop", an analog-modelled resonant filter plug-in. It's still in development with release expected before the end of the year. Several audio demos are available.
This should be handy for use in live. I'm looking for a better filter to hook up to the Uc-33e for live use.

The Features:
  • Dual filter section with a Lowpass followed by a Highpass.
  • Circuits include State Variable (e.g. SEM-1A), Sallen Key (e.g. MS-20), and more to be announced.
  • Loads of drive and character and analog style noise.
  • Full frequency range and perfect resonance tracking without oversampling so there is no delay for live use.
  • Huge amounts of resonance if you want and also a resonance limit button for DJ use to make sure you blast people's ears off at a gig.
  • Envelope follower, diode modelled, from input or sidechain.
  • FM from input or sidechain.
  • Two LFOs: one complex, and one basic.
  • Stereo and Mono processing.
You can grab yourself a demo from here...

Cytomic - The drop

Theres some demo sounds on the link too, its looking promising.
Whats your guys favorite filter VST?

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Aphex Twin live at Forbidden Fruit (Dublin 2011)

A master at work.

Life festival and dancing like no-ones watching

So here's my mate Tom turning up on youtube and grooving his face off in the process.

Life festival... Dance like no-ones watching.

A true believer in the ethos! How do you guys feel about your dancing nowadays?
I'm more used to being the other side of the stage these days.
I miss not giving a fuck and going for it!

Here are some other epic festival dancers.

That ones great because he's ginger.

That ones at the sasquatch fest. Looks pretty awesome.
And to finish up. Heres Buckethead kicking up a robot chicken groove WITH nunchucks.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Creator Noir L.P [Mech001]

Well ive been writing about music production and how to do it for ages, So I suppose I should post
some of my own stuff.

Here's my Noir album.

Its breakcore, jungle, jazz, classical & techno bass.

Inspired by french noir movies and detective films as well as film soundtracks with a twisty Phillip Glass influence.

Enjoy and share! Opinions always appreciated too.

Creator Noir L.P [Mech001]

and heres a direct link.

Direct linkage.