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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wireless Midi Controller for Apple I-Pad

I was thinking the exact same second that i heard of the Ipad we may have potential for a new type of detailed midi controller similar to a Lemur but with the added benefit of having the Ipad thrown in there too.

Of course another bonus of this is that an Ipad will set you back $499 (starting price) where as the Jazzmutant model will rip a $2100 sized hole in your pocket.

Then there comes Midipad (which can also be used on your I-phone!).

The midipad is a new controller app for the iPad that communicates via network-MIDI-protocol. So there is no need to install any communication-peer-software on the Mac. Simply plug-and-play via Apple Bonjour – wirelessly.

This multitouch-capable MIDI controller app communicates with your Apple Mac your Windows-based PC, and even standalone hardware synths, via Wi-Fi. So you can control all of your music applications with just a few finger gestures without having to sit at your desk, and the best part? No annoying cable.

In the studio, midipad can control host applications like Apple Logic, Steinberg Cubase/Nuendo, Ableton Live, etc. It can also be used to control stand-alone applications from companies like Native Instruments, Spectrasonics and others.

As a live musician you can control sub mixes of your virtual keyboard rig, activate setups and change parameters of the virtual instruments or even hardware instruments, all in realtime on stage.

If you are a DJ, you can wirelessly control your favorite mixing applications as well.
midipad incorporates various commonly used controller-types like buttons, trigger-pads, sliders, ribbon-control in one and two dimensions, rotary-knobs, or complete functionality blocks like transport-control. midipad also reacts to midi-data from the connected remote computer, to provide instantaneous feedback for your performance.

Preconfigured setups, divided in seperate views can be activated concurrently. Using multi-touch various functionality of the remote-software can be controlled.

The features to be controlled can be configured by the user in the setup.


» Utilizes iPhone OS
» communicates with MacOs and Windows based PCs
» communicates with stand-alone-applications and hardware
» communicates via network-MIDI-protocol
» plug & play via Apple Bonjour, wireless-LAN
» multitouch Interface

Preconfigured setups:

» studio View
» DJ View
» launchView
» fxView

No price has been announced yet, But Im thinking my next purchase is an I-pad.
Might have to lay my trusty Uc33e to rest?

Here is the link for the software.


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