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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Native Instruments AUDIO 2 - New budget soundcard review

So if your new into computer music one thing you may be noticing is a time delay in your writing if your recording "on the fly" with your keyboard, This pesky ass hat is called "latency".

Now it's time to start getting a bit more serious with your production, You will notice a difference.
Time to buy yourself your 1st pro soundcard.

The Native Instruments AUDIO 2 DJ fills the need for a high quality, ultra-mobile audio interface for digital DJs using TRAKTOR or other DJing and performance software. It's the smallest DJ USB soundcard in the you can get but has a decent sound for the price tag.

The AUDIO 2 DJ is Native Instruments' entry level solution for DJ & producers who want portability with no compromise on audio quality. If you're a digital DJ who doesn't require audio recording or timecode control, the AUDIO 2 DJ is for you.

I wouldn't recommend it for anything exept for producing while travelling on your laptop though. (Has a crappy lack of inputs). Though if your currently writing with your on board, Its a million times better.

Hook It Up

The Native Instruments AUDIO 2 DJ connects to your computer with USB 2.0.
The two 1/4 inch output channels can either be used to route stereo signals to an external mixer, or as a master out and headphone monitor for using the internal mixer of your DJ or DAW software.


Good sound quality is guaranteed with super high-end Cirrus Logic® AD/DA converters. Ultra low-latency drivers, hi-gain output levels (providing up to 9.7 dBu on both channels), and the ultra-wide frequency response affirm the AUDIO 2 DJ’s professional credentials. The sound quality and clarity will piss over your on board sound.

Hardware Features

* Professional USB 2.0 audio interface with ultra-high 24-bit/96kHz Cirrus Logic® converters
* 2 stereo 1/4" Line/Headphone level outputs
* Manual volume controls for each stereo channel
* Hi-gain outputs based on RC4580 Headphones OP AMP for punchy, loud level
as also featured on the AUDIO 4 DJ and AUDIO 8 DJ interfaces
* 2 output LEDs (one LED for each stereo channel) for instant visual monitoring of connection status
* USB 2.0 bus powered
* Ultra-low latency ASIO™, Core Audio™, Direct Sound™, WASAPI™ drivers
* Compatible with software platforms VST™, Audio Units™, Stand-alone, RTAS®
* 2 phone-jack (1/4”) to RCA adapter cables (cable length 1 m) and 1 shielded USB cable (approx. 1,5 m) are included in the product box

Included Software

AUDIO 2 DJ includes the following software products:

* Demo version of TRAKTOR PRO

So all this points to better sound, great portability & a million times better tan on board sound.
It's got a decent price tag on it too, But just to let you know.
You will want to upgrade it in about a years time.

Anyways, You can grab one from here if you like. $99 euro for zero latency.
Better than a kick in the clock weights.


  1. nice review. just bought one, gunna be trying it out tonight live with my band sicknote. will let you know how it sounds! safe

  2. how was the sound for you matey? ease of use etc?