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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Sibegg release and remixes on Tigerbeat6 preview

The totally awesome Sibegg returns with the Tigerbeat6 massive on remix duty from his seminal album
from 2001 titled Buckfunk 3000.

Get this bass into you!

  meow158 Si Begg aka Buckfunk 3000 - The Tigerbeat6 Arrangements by Tigerbeat6

1. High Volume-Kanji Kinetic remix
2. High Volume-Si Begg VIP remix
3. Jump-EBOLA Remix
4. High Volume/Jump-Kid606's 'Fistful of Döners' megamix
5. Disrupt - The Squire of Gothos remix
6. High Volume/Jump-HecQ's 'High Volume Jumpin' remix
7. High Volume-Luke's Anger's 'Theremin from Hell' remix
8. Jump - Bruce Stallion's 'Suspiciously milky' remix
9. High Volume-Wascal's 'Neighbor Botherer' remix
10. High Volume-Kanji Kinetic VIP remix

Artist: Si Begg aka Buckfunk 3000
Album title: Arrangements For The Modern Listener - The Tigerbeat6 Arrangements
Catalogue Number: meow158
Label: Tigerbeat6
Release date: April 30th 2010
Territories: worldwide

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