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Monday, April 26, 2010

Native Instruments - Paranormal Spectrums

Native Instruments have once again come up with another classic library for your KORE player.

This is the first instrument powered by KORE with a strict focus on darkening up your music, for the instant creation of horror style fx & instruments for film and video games. It provides the modern composer with an unmatched arsenal of sounds and soundscapes ranging from the eerie to the truly terrifying.
After using the fixed noise OTTO this is a very simular affair, But this brings in synths and sounds created in Absynth & Massive (2 amazing vsts).

If you want to darken up your tunes or maybe work within the games industry, I'm sure you will find something in here, Especially if you are a fan of dead space or nazi zombies.

And here's a nice video to get your spooky on!

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