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Monday, May 30, 2011

Music mash ups and craziness

I have recently got in to the habit of listening to semi commercial mash ups of popular "artists".
Though some of them are complete shit and just hacked at certain spots there are a few decent ones out there.

Some of the Depeche Mode ones are alright, but why does David Guetta have to get in on EVERY mashup?
The  producer is awful. His music is the lowest common denominator.
Do your home work folks. Or you may just end up like him.

I wouldn't mid his cash though to be honest.
Though you would have to work with Fergie and the god awful Black eyed peas.
I hear she is quite prone to pissing herself on stage too.

Keep a wide birth folks.

Anyways, here is a great website with over 3000 mashups to listen to and download if you wish.
If you find any decent ones stick em in the comments box!



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