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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dolby Anol presents Red Leather / Yellow Leather

Tigerbass presents: Red Leather / Yellow Leather EP, Dolby Anol’s first
release of 2011. After their last three EP’s became a staple of many
big name DJ’s sets in 2010, the duo show no signs of slowing down.
Following the hard-edged techno of Sandy Bitches, the smacked-up
disco of Cameroon and Far East rave-inspired Visa / Mastercard, this
EP is a dark lesson in strutting contemporary acid, as suited to the
bedroom as it is to the dancefloor. Red Leather’s percolating acid
synths keep rising and building, while reverb-heavy breakdowns and
what sounds like a deranged woman’s pleas for a better world keep
the track grounded.
Mirroring the title track is the more accessible and direct club
version Yellow Leather, touching on tech-funk influences and minimal
house. Yellow Leather is Red Leather’s older more voluptuous sister
you just can’t keep your hands off of.
First on remix duties for Red Leather, Kid606 & the Acid Trap bring
you a funky dueling 303 meltdown, recorded live and then edited into
dancefloor oblivion. Finland’s Obi Blanche (New Judas, What what!)
comes next after a string of charting remixes for Boy 8-Bit, Les
Gilettes and Zombie Nation. He chops and meads the original into
something unpredictable and exciting.
Last but not least is San Francisco’s C.L.A.W.S., pulling the track
back to the champagne room to make a percussion-heavy space
disco trip – a great warm-up or come down (we’ll try both and let
you know).

Another notch in Dolby Anol’s increasing number of mini-genre
exercises, Red Leather / Yellow Leather will have their increasing
fanbase thirsty for what they have in store next – a ten track mini-album
release with the intriguing title Whet Whet Whet!

Grab yourself the claws mix here!


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